The Goodwood Festival of Speed saw the name Gethin back in Chevron B24-73-02. Nick Gethin shared driving duties of this famous car with current owner Greg Thornton.

Photo: © Tony Gallagher (used with permission).
Photo: © Tony Gallagher (used with permission).

Peter Gethin took B24-73-02 to an historic victory in the 1973 Race of Champions, beating the then current F1 opposition. Nick treated his father’s old car with respect leaving Greg to go for the quicker times. Despite the design being over 40 years old Greg still posted a time that that put him in the Top 20 over the weekend, beating some much more modern cars.

Greg’s final run is at the start of Goodwood’s Highlights Video:

Chevron Racing are proud to be associated with B24-73-02. Following a fire at Greg Thornton’s workshops we undertook the painstaking rebuild of the car to bring it back to it’s former glory.

Details of the rebuild can be found here: Chevron-B24 73 02 A Phoenix rises from the ashes


Alan Raine  7.7.2014