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The 2016 purchase of the Chevron Racing business, now firmly installed at WDK Motorsport in Hampshire UK, creates a fantastic ‘one stop shop’ for the restoration and race management not just of Chevrons and WDK’s existing range of expertise, but also offers all Chevron owners and race preparers easy access to a wide range of skills and facilities.

As multiple FIA Historic racing champions, WDK Chevron’s expertise in fabrication, restoration, complete rebuilds and a full range of race support services are all recognised as being class-leading, based on many years of hard-won experience.

For example, WDK have restored and run some of the world’s most iconic historic race cars, including: McLaren M23, Lola T70 Coupe & Spider, Tyrell 003, 006 and the P34 six wheeler, Chevron B19, Chevron B8, Chevron B26; Lotus 77, Williams FW07 B & C, Williams FW08, Surtees TS9, Hesketh 308, E-type Jaguar, MGB, Osella, Lancia LC2, Courage, Mirage GR8, McLaren M1C M8C, M8 D, M8 F, & M1B, Lola Mk4, De Tomaso, March 761, Shadow DN5 – and real rarities like the F1 LEC, the Amon and the Maki.

In 2016 WDK ran no less than 14 F1 cars for a variety of international clients at the prestigious Monaco GP Historique, and our clients took 3 of the 6 podium positions.

So, for Chevrons, or for any type of car, in any historic series, we believe that “If you want to be successful, there is no better place to bring your car”.