Chevron Racing: Our Heritage

What a wonderful Heritage Chevron Racing has. Derek Bennett was a true Engineering genius, a contemporary of Colin Chapman (Lotus) and Eric Broadley (Lola). Indeed Derek designed the Chevron B1, the first car he made and called a Chevron, to beat the Lotus 7, which it did comprehensively because of the innovative independent rear suspension as opposed to the solid system on the Lotus.

Not long afterwards, he built the Chevron GT (the fore runner of the Chevron B8) to beat the Lotus Elan and once again it was able to obliterate its opponent on the track. The Chevron B19 beat the Lola T210 by 1 point , with Brian Redman against Jo Bonnier at Spa to take the European Sportscar Championship in 1971.

Every model in the Chevron range has been a Race Winner and sometimes a Championship Winner. In the 1970’s the majority of Formula 1 drivers had competed in a Chevron and I would like to think since 1965 the Chevron marque has been mentioned in every issue of Autosport. Appropriately, the Mission Statement for Chevron could be ‘Always Win Straight out of the Box’ as nearly every Chevron has done just that, won on its debut.

Helen & Vin Malkie celebrated their 25th Anniversary with Chevron in 2005, the 40th Anniversary of the marque and now the business is with WDK Motorsport (Stockbridge, Hampshire UK)to continue the legacy.

Honoured, to carry on that excellence in performance, engineering and design that Derek Bennett so encouraged. Honoured to keep the name of Chevron still at the front, with an unprecedented 6 International Orwell Supersports Cup Championships in recent years and Euro F2 Championship & Martini Trophy Championship.